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12 Sky 2

Twelve Sky 2 is a MMORPG based on an oriental fantasy theme of ancient China. Players may choose from any of the three classes of each faction, then develop their skills, sharpen their weapons and refine their armor to produce a character fit for battle against the other Factions. Twelve Sky 2 also introduces a fourth faction, the Nangin. However, this new faction is not available at character creation. Players must achieve a high level to join this Faction, leaving their previous teammates and friends.

12 Sky 2 Review

The sky will finally touch your PC’s as aeria games&entertainment of Korea brings this to the gaming arena. Outfitted with a robust battle system, TwelveSky2 is prepped to be the one of the best Free-to-Play, PVP action to date. Packed with jaw dropping martial art techniques and an exciting high-speed top up function, players will get a kick out of it, as they can enter a competitive combat in a very early stage. Moreover, the game features a variety of authentic weapons, armor, exotic pets, exquisite mounts, unique items, and exclusive abilities that were never before seen in MMORPG’s. More to boot, TwelveSky2 is armed with gorgeous graphics and an immersive story line. Players can also mold their characters through ability points which are divided into four categories – Vitality, Strength, Spirit and Dexterity.

Big Trouble in Little China
The story is set in the time of Ancient China, many years ago when the twelve legions ruled the country. The people were oppressed, abused and harshly treated. One faction leader from the northern legion openly opposed the Legion’s brutality against the people; he was Lord Chen from the Sky Clan, one of the most powerful factions in the Realm.

Those of the Sky Clan were not the only ones who opposed the legion; one of the southern tribes began resisting the Legion Lords cruelty. Lord Chen then took the initial step to end all this tyranny.
Stories and speculations abound about how powerful the 12 High Masters are. Legend has it that they have sacred stones that gave them the power to control the people. Lord Chen then decided that those stones should be taken from them and that he should combine them himself so that the stones could give the Sky Clan incredible power to eliminate the hell the people are experiencing. Under normal circumstances, a battle of this proportion would last for years but due to the Sky Clan’s incredible power, it lasted but for only a few days.

Clans for Life!

Unlike the first TwelveSky game, this sequel ups the ante by introducing four factions instead of the default three. The Royal Snake Clan may look physically weak as compared with those of the Tigers and Dragons but they can never be underestimated. Their quick reflexes and superior weapons such as sabers and dual blades can make their enemies swiftly cave in under their feet. The Snake is famous for their Lute a harmless looking weapon with sound waves that wreak havoc and pain against their enemies.

The fierce Tiger Clan however is the extreme opposite of the Snake Clan. While their enormous builds slows down their reflexes and make them less agile, their brute strength and weapons can cause enormous damage. Lightweight blades match their attributes. They are proficient at light blades, long blades, long spears and their distinctive gauntlets.

Midway in the spectrum of character attributes between the Snake and the Tiger Clans, lays the Dragon Clan. These Dragon warriors are versatile in handling both light and heavy weight swords and make them well-rounded fighters. Nonetheless, the Dragon Clan has a unique weapon to boast the Marble, which projects the spirit of their local relics.

Whichever clan your character belongs to, everyone will still long to be a part of the fourth faction, the Sky Clan. You’ll hit a crossroad once your character reaches a high level, you’ll have to choose between staying with your brothers in the clan with whom you have shaped your character or turn your back on them and be one of the mightiest warriors from the most revered faction. The Sky Clan is not available during character creation, you have to work your way to the top.

Sky Clan is led by the mighty Lord Kian, one of the few remaining Twelve Masters of the Sky Clan. He is the one and only wielder of the legendary blade that once belonged to the Saga Swordsman Lord Chen.

Almost Zero Burnout, PVP at its Finest
Unlike some online games that take gamers forever to advance their level. TwelveSky2 does not need that much grinding to notch up the level of its character since experience points can be gained through PVP and make a fortune through item crafting. Also, through PVP players are rewarded with sacred relics that grant increased damage to their abilities. Team play is very vital in the game since team play is needed to defeat opposing teams.

Faction Leader System
TwelveSky2 encourages great teamwork and coordination with its Faction Leader System. In the prequel TwelveSky, players and members of the Clan get to vote for the leader that they will bring the faction to greater glory. This system is further enhanced in TwelveSky2 by granting the Faction Leader more responsibility and capability for their leadership in their clan such as the ability to form or break alliances and purchasing catapults for defense.

To become eligible to be a Faction Leader, he or she must own up to the title first. No one wants to follow someone who hasn’t any experience and reputation. A Master Level 1 and 1,000 contribution points or cross faction skills are the basic requirements a candidate should meet or exceed.

A Faction Leader is granted certain capabilities upon election and one of them, as mentioned earlier is building an alliance with other factions. Given there are four warring clans, there’s bound to be one Faction to rise above the rest, in a time like this other Faction Leaders will have to consider allying with another Clan.

Consigning the treasury to one player can create temptation. This makes way for the creation of 3 sub Faction Leaders. The Faction Leader can only use the treasury if all Sub Leaders agree. A Leader must use the Factions money wisely to protect and prevent destruction from other Factions.

PC Requirements
Minimum requirements for the game is a Pentium 3 800mhz processor, Geforce 5200 or Radeon 7600 64mb, 512 RAM and 2GB hard disk space.


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