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2 Moons

Description: 2 Moons is a free extreme action MMORPG by Acclaim with arcade-style combat and extreme violence.

15 Minute Review

This is a 15 minute review of 2Moons. Please note that the 15 minutes means the review started from the second of logging in until exactly 15 minutes later. This includes lag and being disconnected.

Blood, swearing and fighting, what more could a gamer ask for? 2Moons, the English version of Dekaron, is a game made by Acclaim that captured everyone’s eye from the moment it came out. It was expected to be blood at every turn, endless dueling, amazing graphics and even better game play, and it lived up to it’s expectations.

I decided to try out 2Moons because of the videos I have seen of it, and because the skills and game play look amazing beyond belief for a F2P MMORPG. The game has a relatively short download compared to other games such as Perfect World International and 12Sky2. It went by fairly quickly, and it finished in around 3 hours. I was happy to register and finally get started on what looked to be one of the most amazing MMORPG’s ever made.

After patching through and loading to the title screen, I found that the gamma on the screen was turned down, but not so much that I wasn’t able to see. After a lot of reading on the forums while I was downloading, I decided to make a twin blade Summoner, partly because of my fascination for the double blade weapons in MMORPGs. I was greatly disappointed that a game with these kind of graphics and game play did not give you a way to customize your own character. The games character customization method resembles Diablo 2 the most out of any game I have played so far. After choosing the Summoner, I loaded in and found myself in the middle of 2Moons.

2Moons doesn’t start out like other games do. In other games, you go through a small instance or even a training area. In 2Moons, you are put into the world without any help from anyone. I can see this becoming a problem later because I find that F2P MMORPGs are the games that are the hardest to learn where everything is, and without a sort of training system in place, 2Moons could become a very hard game to play. The graphics in 2Moons though did not fail me. The luminous weapons and armors were glowing brighter than ever, but the character monsters were rather bleak. I decided to start out doing quests, but it took me almost 5 minutes to find where I was supposed to go because of the lack of help in-game to new players. I’m sure after a few hours of playing, players could find their way around Braiken Castle, but those few hours are where players either quit or keep on playing. The quests are very basic, and are modeled after the usual F2P MMORPG. All I had to do was kill 10 ‘Spider Larva’, not really much of a challenge, and I was expecting a bit more. After I killed the 10 ‘Spider Larva’, I had a quest that sent me running around Braiken Castle, and it was rather unneeded and unwanted because of the slow run speed that characters have. Mid-way through the quest, my 15 minutes were up, but I knew I’d be playing 2Moons again soon.

2Moons is definitely, without a doubt, one of the top F2P MMORPGs. It provides amazing graphics and great game play. It lacks good character customization, but it’s not a huge thing. I also expected a better quest system, but it was just another F2P MMORPG quest system where you had to kill a number of monsters and return to the quest master. This game will definitely be one of the most talked about MMORPGs soon.

2 Moons Review by Marion Cubos

2 Moons is an advanced 3D graphic game released by Acclaim, which will definitely catch the attention of hard-core PvP gamers. This fast paced game has a very interesting character classes and a multiple skill trees, which enables you to have a great selection of character skills. This game is also known as “Dekaron” in Europe and in Asia and definitely is the most enjoyable MMORPG Acclaim has ever released.

The Characters
There are six unique characters which you can choose when you start to play the game. Each one has unique skills trees and how you build your character will be up to you. There are a lot of ways you can build every character and it is advisable you create them according to which you are most comfortable with.
1.    Azure Knight: this character is a typical melee warrior, which focuses primarily on melee weapon equipments, and self buffs.
2.    Segnale: this character primarily focuses as a support for ‘tank’ characters which has healing skills, buffs and few strong de-buffs. (This character can only chosen as a Female)
3.    Incar Magician: this character is a typical wizard archetype which has the ability to cast strong offensive spells. (Can only be chosen as a female character like the Segnale)
4.    Segita Hunter: this type of character focuses more on long-range combat. They use bows or crossbows to attack enemies and can deal a great damage over the distance. For melee combats they use a dagger but they deal less damage and more vulnerable in this case. (Female gender can only be chosen for this character)
5.    Vicious Summoner: this type of character I a mix of a rogue and a druid which can summon strong pets to help them in combat. They can use a twin blade for combats in close range.
6.    Bagi Warrior: the Bagi warriors are basically the types for ‘tanking’ monsters. They are similar to the Azure Knight but can have a great number of hit points. The difference is they have a lower dealt damage compared to the Azure knight.

A seventh class of character was said would be released by the second quarter of this year (2009), which is called the ‘Aloken’. A description to this character is not yet certain but I’m guessing it will be a warrior type character. Any updates on this great news to the fans of this game might come up soon.

Fatal Warning
This game is a bit of a brutal in which the combat modes and scenes contain excessive gore in it. You may see some blood squirting out of the body of the monsters in every slash you and attack which makes this a game more thrilling since it labels it self as a horror fantasy game. This may be the most gore game ever released in the MMORPG world except for the game Requiem: Bloodymare. That is why a warning to all gamers who may be a bit sensitive to this kind of issue. Some scenes may not be as healthy for the eyes of some gamers.

PvP (Player versus Player)
This game as mentioned focuses more on the PvP mode. The PvP mode in this game is a bit exciting. It is true that every MMORPG game has this mode but this game has created a great difference. PvPs can be done in a legal manner in the game but you can also kill hunting players or enemy clans that you might bump in to. This feature is the same with the World of War Craft, but has a bit of change. In WOW you and kill as much as many players you want but never got to have a penalty. In this game, killing another player will cause you your player killer and inclination points. Killing to much players will get you hunted by the game’s guards and have you put to jail and spend some time there. You could also bribe the guards to set you free but over all, you still got some consequence for the bad deed. Be careful in playing this game; better yet have a friend accompany you in hunting for you to avoid getting killed by higher-level players.

2 moons ‘Dekaron’ is a great game for thrill seekers and will definitely enjoy leveling up. Killing ferocious monsters and gaining exp is easy. Surely this game will still hit the charts in the years to come.

1.    Game has awesome and unique combat game play
2.    Great graphic and 3D animation
3.    Unique stat growth for every character class
4.    A wide variety of skills trees and skills
1.    No choice in gender of the characters
2.    Poor design interface]
3.    Prone to cheats and spammers advertising in game


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  1. dragon
    September 10, 2009

    Um its a cool game but less quests to do.

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  2. mmolord
    July 28, 2010

    whys he just running around like a retard in the video?

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  3. Emiel
    August 2, 2010

    I read that only people from NA can play this is this true? im from EU so i hope they are wrong about that.

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  4. Emiel
    August 2, 2010

    is this also the whole boring point and click system if so than it is of my list.

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  5. Phoenix
    August 29, 2010

    Stop calling this a action MMOrpg its not a action game infact most of the action games on this list aren’t action there point and click.

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  6. AJ
    November 9, 2010

    This is actually my all time fav game… there is no other game like it in terms of the fighting style… it’s honestly kept me from being able to like other games… going from a very fast skill system to very slow (every other game) is devastatin…

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  7. xEternuSx
    June 24, 2011

    Uhm, this game was closed, was it not?

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  8. Strailios
    August 12, 2011

    I could not watch the video because of my OCD… the only thing i could think was (ATTACK HIM ALREADY!) =P

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  9. jake
    March 11, 2012

    trying to down load 2 moons after 3 years of not playing… think you could e-mail me a link . .

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