BOI Titan Update
Last month Perfect World Entertainment unveiled the Titan Update for Battle of the Immortals and announced it would be coming in July, it’s not here yet but new details have been trickling out about the Titan himself, Kronos. Dubbed Titans’ Throne, this instance can be run once a day and will require a party of at least three level 115 players, but don’t expect to face Kronos right out of the gate, in order to even challenge this 100 foot tall giant you’ll have to get through hordes of his elite monsters as well as three major bosses. Tough challenges bring great rewards, if you manage to defeat Kronos and his army you’ll have a chance at new Soul Gears, Titan’s Jewel, new high level accessories and Throne’s Wish which can be exchanged for the artifact: Thunder.
The Titan Update also brings two new maps, The Giant Kingdom and Black Dragon Lair, new pets to tame, new Soul Gears and the new Primal Soul Gears. Players will also now be able to meld Generation Three Pets along with a couple new game features.
Stay tuned for more details, in the mean time check out our BOI page.


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  1. SWTOR
    October 29, 2011

    War of Immortals closed beta is only 4 days away, can’t wait!

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