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Fiesta Online

Description: Fiesta online is a free-to-play casual game.

Company: Outspark
Year Launched: 2008
Premium Account, Advertising, or Item Mall: Item Mall
Free Account Restrictions: None
High End or Low End Computer Needed: Low to Mid
Official Site: http://fiesta.outspark.com/
Game Forum: http://www.outspark.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=9

Fiesta Review by Dan Edgely

Game play: 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Community 4/10
Audio 8/10
Overall: 65%

Fiesta Online throws the player into a MMORPG that is not only a bit different from the rest, it offers some ‘same feelings’ that other pay-per-play MMORPG have.
The download is a mere 650mb, but the full install is 3gb, but it adds in a lot of value with this. Anyone who has played World of Warcraft will notice the graphics are similar but with a comic-book look, and although the game is targeted towards teens, and does have a bit of a cartoon feel to it, it plays well with most age groups. However, you will notice the ages’ of the players in the game are younger than what you expect.

The Game play is similar to other MMORPGs, a few base classes, ranged, magic, melee, heal is basically what you choose from, and the creation is not near the level of others. You will find yourself pretty well stuck with what class you choose; For instance, rangers don’t do much melee because of the restrictions of each class. The actual game plays fairly smooth, and the PvP action is not the best in the genre but is not near the bottom by any means. You will find yourself leveling fairly quickly, grinding is not that bad but does involve your typical ‘kill this X many times.’ Hot keys and clicking dominate the fighting, I found casting attack spells required much more tactical decisions than any of the other styles in the game.

The graphics are a hit or miss. You will like them or hate them. I am not a fan of cartoon looks, but if you are, this will look stunning, bright vibrant colors fill the screen and attacks and spells do not look out of place, but only enhance what your character looks like. As you level and gain more items, they show well on your character and this is where you get your ‘uniqueness’ from. They do not simply look like textures added to the character. But give you a sense you actually just loaded your fighter up with heavy gear.

The community is Fiesta Online’s weakest point. If you find a party ,stick with them! Finding anyone that is not spamming in the first few cities is tough, and most are trying to make there way through are confused enough without them. The game plays good without a party, but this is a massive multiplayer game and you want to play with others. When you do find others, it is easy to understand why teens populate the game, they drive more mature people away. Don’t fret though, there are good players in the game that make it a great experience, but it takes some filtering to find them.
The audio goes along with the graphics, and fits the feel of the game well, I was not disappointed with it, and I did not feel like I was listening to an episode of Spongebob. The strength of the audio comes from the sound effects, that even with the cartoon/comic book look, makes things look like they hurt when you slash through your foe.

Overall, the game is solid despite the low scores, but would appeal more to someone who is not looking for the massive multiplayer portion of the MMORPG. However the highest level playing maybe much better, but seeing it has a HUGE level cap, it may take a while to find out. This is a game that is good for an entry into the MMORPG genre, but a small step as the multiplayer portion of it is quiet weak.


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  1. windrider07
    April 25, 2009

    Really cool MMO game by Outspark. Gameplay and features are tremendous….always something to do. Lots of social interaction can be made easily. Graphics are very well-done. For guides and information on this game, go to http://fiesta.sparkonline.net.

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  2. jbone1337
    October 4, 2009

    i used to play Fiesta Online(1/10*),
    but that game is terrible lol….

    Its completely dependent on the cash shop to do any means of pvp, and also getting to a decent lv in the game. So if you want to be a higher lv or be able to even pvp anyone you must spend $100s. They purposely make it very hard to play if you dont buy their stuff.

    there is only 4 classes, but the fighter class seems to be way overpowered compared to the rest. its completely unbalanced. The main updates to the game usually are just adding more cash items/adding new things that require you to buy them. And enhancing equipment is ridiculous and very expensive (and keeps getting worse, the highest you can get is +9, i spent over $40 on cash shop items and only got +8… wtf)

    the support is almost non-existent. and it seems people who spend alot of money can break the rules/harass others with no consequence.

    The games graphics are nothing special. It a cartoon type style with the look of a game from 10 years ago… The music/sound effects are also very dull. The game doesnt need partying very much. Not really any new/fun things added into it.

    The only half decent thing in this game is the Kingdom quests, which are like things that happen almost every hour, and has different lv requirements, where you and like 14 others do an instance type of thing, which is somewhat fun, but is ruined by all the people who are stupid…

    This game had the potential to be a good game, but it was ruined by the outspark(O$) company. I swear they have to be like relatives of M$(microsoft).

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  3. Whats4dinner
    October 13, 2009

    I agree with Jbone. He hit the nail on the head.

    and Im not alone.

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  4. people
    December 20, 2009

    i don’t know how to play!!
    i had install this game .. but i don’t know what to do..

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  5. Alper
    January 15, 2010


    %100 TRUE AGREE..

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  6. Akasha
    February 12, 2010

    I find that its fun and thrilling to play. You dont have to purchase sparkcash to have a good time or even level. I spent my of my time without spark cash and still managed to level to 91. You have more options when you get to 100th lvl about the classes.

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  7. _Dex_
    April 27, 2010

    dude stop complainin its a great game without SC if u use ur head. and if u download the game and dont know what to do try look at the GAME GUIDE. its not a bad game your just a terrible gamer

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  8. Seals Team 1
    June 4, 2010

    The game sucks. They’re GM system and Support system especially their forums are dead. There is no help available in anytime of the game. And whatever Jbone said.

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  9. iamblade28
    July 23, 2010

    Dex stop being a dork feista sucks they nix all the xp so it takes way too long to lvl only decent way to lvl on feista is plvl nowfeista tottally sucks and if you dont like what ppl have to say dont comment back saying its good game cuase it aint since they took out mobs in sod and anixed all xp and lvl limmited alot of places

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  10. Pocky
    September 2, 2010

    jbone1337 i agree with 100%

    This game blows…. It was a huge waste of my time lol…

    The Fighter class is really overpowered.
    -Strongest Weapon
    -Highest HP
    -Highest DEF
    -Only class with debuff attacks
    -A aoe atk that stuns and has a fairly low cooldown.

    I mean wtf man….what about the other classes??

    Archers only have 2 useful skills, and thats the run around like retards shooting aoe attacks in the air nonstop. Their poisons just sucks balls; the damage on it doesnt do ANYTHING its so weak omg…. They might as well not be poisons lol..
    And the evasion doesnt help much, cause overpowered fighters have dex builds so they’ll kill an archer easy….

    As for the mages….They are the saddest mages i have ever seen in an MMO!
    They have so many skills, but none of them really any do anything!! WTF! Can fire at least do burn damage?? Ice can freeze, but fire cant burn? And Lighting doesnt do anything either, except you can move while casting ooooh big whoop…. Fear is nice but the cool down is soo long that its useful once before you die.. While the fighters stun has a significant shorter cool down what bullshit.. The mage has the lowest def and the weakest weapon lol, freaking pathetic. It takes multiple hits to kill a fighter, while the fighter takes 2 hits to kill you lol…

    And the clerics, ALSO OVERPOWERED…
    Whose bright idea to give a high def class the ability to heal?? So retarted, argh I get so frustrated with them. You literally have to try super hard to kill them…. cause they can spam heal their full HP… I mean woooow especially when they charm…

    Thats another thing, the cash shop item is just too much…
    What about the freaking game??? How about making it better and stop leeching people off of money.. God i cant believe i spent 75$ on it!! What a waste! And for what? A costume for 30days?? What the heck…

    This game blows, I hate it!! Just go play another game.

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    June 15, 2011

    Ok… i really like the game but yes… pvp sucks, sc too important in game and clerics are usually stuck up but if u have the guts and cuss some dumbassses out and then walk away cool they leave u alone cuz there like “wtf” but yes CHARMED FIGHTERS AND CLERICS A DIKKS IN PVP!!!!!!! BYE ^^

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