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FlyFF or Fly For Fun is a Free MMORPG where characters fly around. Players can fight and fly around on various items such as brooms and boards. PvP comes in different forms such as an arena and duels.

Company: AeonSoft
Year Launched: 2004
Premium Account, Advertising, or Item Mall: Item Mall
Free Account Restrictions: None
High End or Low End Computer Needed: Mid Range
Official Site: Fly For Fun
Game Forum: Fly For Fun Forums

1. Flying system is done well.
2. Different forms of PvP.
3. Supports keyboard and mouse movement.
4. Good item upgrading system.
5. Colorful graphics.

1. Shutdown completely in the past an extended period of time.
2. Cash shop has caused problems.
3. Many different versions.

FlyFF Latest Version (V13)

I bet all FlyFF fans will be happy now that the latest version of FlyFF has been released. Many new features on the game are added to improve the game play and to make it more exciting. The version was released some time in July 2009, and now has changed again the life of online gamers with the addition of some features which you may find very interesting. Some features added are the “Player Housing, a Couple System”, “Coral Islands”, and the “Rainbow Race”. You may find the couple system a bit interesting and yes it really is. Be careful in choosing your partner because as we all know most MMOs are men playing a female character. The Player Housing is a feature where, as it implies, players own a home. The Coral Islands I another land mass that is worth to explore because of the benefits you may have. Experience gain in this Island is 180% but a level of at least 40–70 must first be reached before exploring this Island. Don’t be tempted to explore the island as a low level player or else, you will definitely regret it. The Rainbow Race is basically a weekly event or race in your flying mounts with a feature of mini games and of course winning has rewards.
Here are more and broader descriptions of the features added to the game:
• Player Housing. FlyFF is on the verge of giving all fans and players the American Dream. This is done by bringing the real state business to the virtual world, and yes, players on this game will be homeowners and residences with the new feature, the Housing System. Players get to have their own home, or apartment, crib, flat, condo, or what ever you may call it and this is for the first time ever done in all the versions of this game. Players get a chance to decorate, organize or trash their residence and do what ever they want in it. They could also invite friends and have a smashing party over.

• Couple System. In this version another interesting feature added is the Couple System. It is a mutual agreement between two player characters with opposite sex to become couples and create a bond. The player characters that entered in this type of a relationship get special bonuses and rewards as a result for the commitment they have. The more the couple plays together will give them more the bond gets stronger and the longer the couples stay together the greater and more special the bonuses and rewards received.

• Coral Islands. An island that lays an adventurous exploration and beautiful scenes with blue waters, white sandy beaches lined with palm trees and added the wreckages of lost ships. Monsters that inhabit the island are a result of mutation in the depths of the sea and are dangerous but offer a double amount of experience. The monsters killed here also gives double the amount of item drops compared to other normal monsters.

• Rainbow Race. Another reason why players will definitely “fly for fun” in this version is the Rainbow Race. This is a race between players using their flying transport which they get to choose on weather a broomstick, flying carpet, meteor bike, off-sword board. Not only speed is required but also a series of puzzles and various mini games must be passed to arrive at the finish line and win. Do you have the guts to take the challenge?


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  1. RuffianV.
    March 23, 2009

    FlyFF corrupted their players with the cash shop items that pick up items. Because the items that do that people began to KS bosses which is the only source of income for people who dont buy. I played this game for 2 years had the time of my life, the game kept geting funner and funner untill those items came out. then to top off how bad this game became, the exp sucks unless u buy the Xexp items. ur able to kill 10 enemies that are 11 levels higher and only gain .5% and it takes forever to do that becaseu of the lvl difference and in the end u die and loose 3.0% and it takes aonther 3 hours to earn back what u lost

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  2. Sonia
    September 6, 2009

    ^ Sounds very much like how I was. I had SO much fun with the game, and would play for hours and hours and hours – but the end game was not fun. There were little to no quests to actually do, and it just became a grind fest. =/ I had two characters that were just a few lvls away from becoming knight/billposter but I couldn’t take the crappy grinding anymore. Ah well. It’s fun to just pick up and play little bits at a time, but I don’t think I’ll be a dedicated hardcore flyffer again. I got WoW & Guild Wars for that =P

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  3. jacob
    June 20, 2010

    i got to lvl 65 blade and stoped playing because there was no way i had the time to grind constantly (it gets too boering) if you ask me it was a really fun game untill they made it harder to lvl and a waste of time if you have other things to do

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  4. Leon
    June 19, 2011

    Played this game around 4-5 years ago. It was pretty fun until i got to around level 72 as a psykeeper then it got to be a grind fest. Was pretty fun with the levitation and the interesting skills, but still, the grinding was terri-bad. I haven’t played since, but I assume much has changed.

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