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Experience the game that has captivated millions of gamers worldwide. Guild Wars® is an online roleplaying game that rewards player skill and innovative gameplay over hours spent online. It’s the original smash hit release from developer ArenaNet®, the beginnings of a franchise played by almost four million gamers worldwide.

Company: ArenaNet and NCsoft
Year Launched: 2005
Premium Account, Advertising, or Item Mall: Needs to be purchased.
Free Account Restrictions: None
High End or Low End Computer Needed:Mid Range to Low End
Official Site: Guild Wars
Game Forum: Guild Wars Forums

1. Millions of Guild Wars games have been sold.
2. Nice 3D graphics.
3. A good focus on PVP.
4. Installments have improved the game considerably.
5. Only one campaign needed to play the game.

1. A sequel has been announced which ends successful formula.
2. Low level cap.
3. Heavily reliant on instances.
4. Not everybody wants to buy one of the campaigns first.

Review by EyEs

Guild Wars is one of the few games that has high quality graphics in a Free MMORPG. It’s graphics can be compared to WoW and many other Pay-to-Play MMORPG’s. Although it’s graphics are a great attraction, the stylish gameplay, vast area’s for PvE and great population also contributes to the games sucess.

Gameplay is what makes a game. Without the gameplay, the game just becomes graphics, and graphics can never keep people. That’s why I’m rating the Guild Wars gameplay a 4/5. Guild Wars does a great job making the game playable for all kinds of people, such as Title-Hunters, Farmers, PvP-PvE, and more. They have over 300+ different areas across all 4 campaigns to play in, and 10+ different PvP areas. It takes months to get to all these areas, and months more to finish the game, which creates a never ending gameplay “effect” to the game. The part that got GW a 4/5 from me is the repetitiveness of the game. After you’ve gone through the game with one character, and want to start another, you realize you have to do everything over again, almost making it pointless (to some people) to make a new character.

Quests in Guild Wars aren’t really an important thing. Unless you count missions as quests, which are the main way of leveling up, and because of these missions, I rate the quest/mission area in Guild Wars a 4/5. There are over 200+ quests in Guild Wars prophecies and all the other campaigns, but the main thing that most people use to level up is the Mission System. Every campaign has a storyline, and you fight in missions to complete the storyline. For every mission, you can get a possible 2k experience for completing it, plus the amount of exp gained from killing monsters. As you can see, this game has no need for the “Grinding” you see in so many games. The developer’s definitely had the player’s in mind when they devised this one of a kind leveling system. Although the quests become old, boring and tiresome after the second or third time doing them(Which is the main reason I gave this game a 4/5 for quests/missions), for those first few times of doing them, they are very fun and enjoyable. An incentive the game developer’s released a few years after the release of Guild Wars was Hard Mode. Hard Mode is a mode that is attainable for the campaign, and only that campaign, of which you beat the final mission. Once you beat the final mission with one character, all characters will have the ability to have Hard Mode for that campaign once they reach level 20. This is a great incentive the developer’s added, along with the End-Game-Items attainable once you complete Guild Wars: Factions, Guild Wars: Nightfall and Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

Community is something that Guild Wars has, but also lacks. In some places of the game, you will find the most dedicated gamers, and also the most polite. Whilst in the other parts of the game, you will find the rudest and most juvenile gamers you have ever played with, which is why I give this game a 3/5 for community. Now, as most games, it’s never the actual games “Fault”, but making it more teenager friendly, even though that is the majority of online gamers, certainly helped the ruder side of the community settle in and begin their reign of terror. Not all the community is bad, not by a long shot. Actually, I have found some friends that I have kept for years in this game. Overall, yes this game has a pretty good community, but it doesn’t have the best community. You will most likely always find help when you need it, or a guild if you need it, but you will most likely always find the rudest people you have ever met. Community should not be something that holds you back from playing this game though, because it’s only a small part of the community that makes the game bad, but to me, that part of the community is what “earned” this game a 3/5 in community.

Overall, this game is a game that is without question worth playing. From me, it received a score of 4/5, which from me is very generous, as I almost never rate a game above 3/5. The gameplay, PvP and quest/mission system is exceptional, and should receive praise from all gamers as they are the things that break or make a game, and for this game they definitely made it. Although the community isn’t best at all times, it’s usually very possible to find people to help you out. If you are a gamer who likes fast action PvP, endless PvE gameplay and a great guild system, this game is the absolute perfect game for you.


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  1. Tommy
    August 22, 2008

    Way better than any other free MMO. Guild Wars is the best PvP game I have ever played. The low level cap actually adds to the game.

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  2. EyEs
    January 1, 2009

    Great game. Good graphics, PvE, PvP and a decent community. :)

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  3. EpiC
    January 16, 2009

    Its a great game with good graphics and game play at first. but once you get used to the game, in the time it takes to beat 1 or 2 of the campaigns it starts to get boring and loses its hold on the player. But overall, I’d say its a good game.

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  4. give GW a try
    February 26, 2009

    no matter what game (of the same type) you play, you will probably screw up your first character and be forced to remake

    in guild wars the only screw up is your character name and/or appearance

    skills and stats are changable (unlike so many other games), maxed armor and weapons are easily obtained (no “mf runs” or “grinding” needed), NO PUNISHMENTS!

    no monthly fees = play whenever you feel like
    no grinding = freedom to enjoy the game to its fullest

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  5. timothy
    August 23, 2009

    its a great game. a lot of fun. but the only thing bad about it is that it doesnt support intel video cards. some people have better luck like myself and it doesnt bother my gaming at all accept i cant access a few no big deal dungeons. however some people have had worse luck and cant play at all. if you have a good grphics card then no worries but intel users may want to consider what i’ve said. but the game is great none the less. best mmo ive ever played. definatly beats WOW

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  6. Splamashi
    September 15, 2009

    Guild Wars. Guild Wars is a shítty, bad, boring game. Because:
    1. PvE suck. The monsters look same and the boss monsters is the same as the normal just with stripes on.

    2. The missions. The missions are so.. damned. You cant do ‘em alone. I always had to ask help in hours before some people Whispered me. And many of the quests too.

    3. Jump/climb. You cant either jump or, climb. fall and that.

    4. The skills. The skills are very hard. You have to make your own build. buy the skills you need to build and make it. Also learn to use it. I have played Guild Wars in 1 year and i have seem so many people with the worst skills/builds ever. many people have cool builds but.. THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO USE IT. People is running around with nothing. The skills are too hard.

    5. If you dont know people in this game, dont play it. You need many good friends in this game. Very good.


    1. The PvP. The PvP is great and fun but… is that enough for an MMO?

    2. The Graphic. The Graphic is brilliant. Very good. I love it but… Is PvP and Graphic enough for a good MMO?

    The answer is.. NO!! it’s not.

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  7. Johnny
    October 5, 2009

    I’ve played Guild Wars since it came out. Its a great game, lots of pve and pvp, the low lvl cap make the game more skill based instead of jsut levels and power. I never have ahd problems getting groups and when I did I asked my guild for help. Guild system on this game is indepth, the skills system is with attibutes runes, insignias and many other things its a balanced game very fun.

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  8. Shendo
    November 14, 2009

    well ima try it hope i like it:)

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  9. ryan
    December 10, 2009

    i cant wait to try it. it looks BA and im excited

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  10. Crittic
    January 30, 2010

    Guild Wars is a game that you buy at your local video game outlet store. Online gaming is free there are no item malls as far as I can remember. I played GW’s up till when Eye of the North expansion came out, but at that time I jumped on the WoW crack for around 4 years straight. Been off the WoW crack for almost a year now. I am not sure if max level is 25 or 30 now. Level caps use to be 20 for GW’s for awhile.. GW’s is a great solo player game, the graphics are pretty good, and the dyes you can purchase for your armor or gear customazation is still a nice concept (I wish all MMORPG’s would use different color dye customazations)

    Like WoW guild wars does celebrate the Christmas holiday. Meaning: you get to do holiday quests, and collect an open presents the Devs (devolpers) add ingame. Unlike WoW as far as I can remember, I think GW’s just does a Christmas event. WoW celebrates just about every real life holiday ingame. Meaning: they do Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, fourth of July, etc events ingame.. Which I think why WoW does these events, it lets the people who pay for there WoW subsription know where some of the players money goes.

    All in all Guild Wars is probly one of the best free MMORPG games out there. I like the gear and armor customazation, also the graphics are alot more realistic then WoW’s cartoony ones. Its almost a shame that Guild Wars does not release mounts for players to ride on ingame. I bet they’d be pretty badass looking with the graphics engine NCsoft and arenanet uses.

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  11. Ares the killer
    August 16, 2010

    GW is better than any MMO i have played but it does have its down sides after beating the campaign on prophecies on my friends account and the got my own i began to get bored but GW does holidays for every holiday crittic you just havnt been on in a while the guild cape also is a nice feature really allows the customization of a guild

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