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Last Chaos

Description: Fantasy MMORPG with a battle system known as Exciting Range of Aggressive Battle System or ERAS for short.

Last Chaos Review

A game that is currently sitting among the ranks of best F2P MMORPG is Last Chaos. Last Chaos is a classic Medieval MMORPG that utilizes skills, weapon combos and the community to its full extent to give users the best experience they can get. Last Chaos offers a great deal of in-game content, from guilds and parties all the way to dungeons, to keep players coming back for more and more. The game itself could pose as a P2P MMORPG, but because of a few problems, and the company who made it, it stays F2P.

Last Chaos’ game play tops all other F2P games, therefore receiving a 4 out of 5 from me. Last Chaos’ main key in providing great game play to players is their dungeon system. Whether you go it alone, with a friend or with your guild, it’s always a fun experience that provides a massive amount of experience, drops and gold. Other than the dungeon, Last Chaos boasts vast areas to grind in if players feel the need to go up a level a week. As mentioned earlier, the Guild system plays a huge role in game play. The Guild system provides players with the chance to farm SP (Skill Points) from monsters to raise the Guild’s overall SP. Many guilds focus on farming SP instead of helping members do what they need to do, which leads to an unrest in the community. SP farming is the main reason that Last Chaos did not receive a 5 out of 5 in game play. Last Chaos also provides a great PvP system, where if you are above level 16, you can turn the ‘PvP Mode’ on and attack any players above level 16. Although you receive no benefit like in other games, the PvP in this game is fun to play with. There are penalties for attacking people with ‘PvP Mode’ not enabled, but they are only small penalties. As with most games, if you die in PvP or even while you are leveling, you lose experience. The game play in Last Chaos is its main driving point for attracting F2P MMORPG’ers.

The graphics in Last Chaos are very poor compared to other MMORPG’s, P2P and F2P, and really undermine the game’s overall quality, thus receiving a 2 out of 5. The graphics are bleak and grainy, and almost make you want to quit the game. The best game I can compare Last Chaos’ graphics to is Hero Online. The character models are choppy, and in windows mode, the game is absolutely horrible. Granted Last Chaos is an F2P, but for a game that is boasted so much by Aeria Games, and truly a game that made Aeria Games stand out as a game company, more is expected of the graphics. Although they do not impede the game’s performance, it simply does not seem like Last Chaos needs the specifications that it requires to run these graphics.

Overall, Last Chaos receives a 3 out of 5 from me. It is widely claimed as a great game, but a number of features make me hold myself back from giving it the great score everyone wants it to get. One thing that annoys me is its use of the item shop. Although it is not impossible to be very successful in Last Chaos without using the item shop, as with all other F2P’s, it makes it a whole lot easier. The fact that you can easily become rich in Last Chaos by using the item shop tempts a lot of players to buy from it. To me, this is a cheap way of getting rich, but to other’s it’s a completely normal way of getting rich. The SP system is completely unbalanced and the use of it isn’t properly used, but of course, to one man his own. This game has many different characters, ranging from a Titan to a Rogue, and even a few PvP-Only servers for those people who strive in PvP. Last Chaos is definitely a must play for all F2P MMORPG players, despite all of its flaws.


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  1. Deto
    May 19, 2009

    Gameplay 4/5 ??? did you play past lvl 30 ? its completely unplayable without “AeriaPoints” and still requires hour after hour of grinding the same mobs.

    Also please note … Aeria support is absolutely horrible to say the least

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  2. Crittic
    January 30, 2010

    Last Chaos is a lag fest not worth the download. I know there was talk about expanding it. Even if the expansion became a success, and you last past level 10 not worth the headache. Free or not. The game becomes unplayable for most after 10th level.

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  3. mmoexpert
    June 14, 2011

    Yeah… i have lv 40 human and 37 titan and the game is unbearable

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