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RAN Online

Review by Ronald

Long since the catastrophic crash of a meteor in the continent of Asia, mysterious events have been happening all over the place. The Sacred Financial Group, an organization that has conducted numerous studies and operations in the world of RAN, begins to feel the results of its unusual and most of the time inhuman experiments as a long forgotten secret threaten to unfold.

In order to know about the nature of the strange phenomenon Headmaster Orobous sent out the academe’s best students to investigate the affected areas. Vestria, a renowned student Shaman of sacred gate was tasked as a special member of the special investigatory committee organized by the headmaster himself. The area assigned to her was the Penal Complex.

The Headmaster received news about the death of the area guards and counted on her divine looks and abilities to gather evidence about the mysterious deaths. Investigating the strange happenings outside the campus premises proved to be a daunting task, even for a Shaman of many abilities. It did not take before the pieces finally fell into place about the recent disappearances in the area. Further investigation led her to a strange cavern at the edge of the campus.

Within the confines of this eerie cave is a laboratory unknown to anyone. In there was a journal of one of the Sacred Financial Group’s top scientist, who were studying the powers of a certain tablet of extraterrestrial material.

Whatever the findings of the scientist were, it didn’t spell anything positive as the repercussions of this experiment triggered several mishaps now plaguing the campuses. But this end product, a very much potent potion can be a source of many great things for the citizens of RAN.

The Cast

Swordsmen students go through the most rigorous training as they have to be masters of precision, strength and agility. They embrace the way of the sword, living their life not only on the edge but by the edge. Students belonging to this class are formidable opponents as they have the highest defense. Their goal is to deal a blow that is swift, clean and most of all final.

Brawlers on the other hand are taught to harness the latent powers stored deep within their bodies and use these as their greatest weapon. Only students demonstrating high strength and coordination scores qualify for this course. Brawlers shy away from all forms of armed conflict, choosing instead to embrace combat in its purest, barest form. They study to master the art of closed range combat.

The true mark of an Archer is that they never fail to miss a target. Their skill with the bow is unmatched, speed supreme. Great allies in every battle, these students are the masters of long ranged combat. Once they unleash their arrows, they become unstoppable. Their superior evasion skills serve as their greatest defense.

Shaman students are the masters of martial arts and Qi manipulation. Those who aim to take this course must be prepared to practice strict discipline and enduring patience. Shaman students have the strongest spirituality and intelligence among the classes. Accomplished Shamans can command the elements and even call guardians to aid them in battle.

Using spears and wands to channel their Qi and execute perfect martial arts. Shamans may choose to use their energy to heal and buff others or command mass destruction.


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