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Description: Shaiya is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with a large focus on PvP combat. When you die (as an Easy, Normal or Hard mode character) in Shaiya, you will lose some experience. You also have a chance to lose equipped items or items in your character’s inventory, or both. As an Ultimate mode character, all of the previous applies, as well as: if you are not resurrected within 3 minutes, your character is gone forever!

15 Minute Shaiya Review

This is a 15 minute review of Shaiya. Please note that the 15 minutes means the review started from the second of logging in until exactly 15 minutes later. This includes lag and being disconnected.

I expected Shaiya to be a copy of 12Sky, and for part of it I was right. The starting area was snow, and the graphics were grainy. I had played 12Sky for a few days and quit because of the endless grinding starting at level 20, but I had no idea how quick I would be done with Shaiya.

Shaiya is an MMORPG by Aeria Games that pits Light versus Dark. It is renown for it’s PvP and gameplay, and it seemed like a good candidate for a long-time MMORPG that would keep me interested.

The download was decent. It wasn’t too long nor too short, but I ended up running it over the night. The next day I patched up and got in-game. The game I saw, I was not impressed with at all. The character creation was much like 12Sky in the fact that you chose your gender along with some templates. Regular F2P stuff, I wasn’t very impressed. Shaiya is one of the most talked about F2P’s in the business, but their character creation did not show that. The gameplay, though, was even worse.

When I finally got through with character creation, I was relieved that I could finally play. I had about 10 minutes, and that time was spent running through the starting area in the snow. As I said before, the graphics were grainy and made me want to poke my eyes out. Maybe it’s just Aeria Games and their snow models, but it seems that all of their MMORPGs don’t live up to the hype. The game is an F2P, but because of all the hype surrounding it, it just seemed like it would have been one of the best games I’ve ever played it. The fighting and gameplay was alright, nothing really special from it, but again, it’s just the starting area. This game will not be a game I go back and play anytime soon, though it is great for people who can only play F2P MMORPGs.


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  1. cryofreeze666
    June 22, 2009

    have to agree with this gentleman though were it 2 weeks after last chaos came out of closed beta i probably would have disaggreed emphatically. after going from last chaos to shaiya and watching as the game quality goes down hill at a constant rate i have to say you might wanna look for a different game. you might especially want to look else where if you like to like to purchase items from game store.

    shaiya’s probs that i’ve noticed.

    games sages say one thing do another

    random terrain traps (these are not on purpose most of the time when stuck in one of these you cant attack the mob trying to kill you… its out of range). but they fixed this problem… they give you a skill that allows you to teleport back to town. though some of the deeper dungeons it takes 10 mins to get back to where you got stuck. oh yeah, you cant teleport while being attk’d

    terrain not solid in too many places, instead of fixing the problem that has been there from day 1 they call it exploit bannable and dont bann anyone for it.

    the forum comunnity has gone down hill from when i was there everyone tryed to help each other solve problems now they basically flame you.

    aerias idea of a community event are item mall raffles where only a small % actually buy “aeria point” (like linking hammers… all lapis links without a hammer you just need more lapis)

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  2. Jordan
    August 17, 2009

    wow sounds like that really is a sucky game i guess i wont play it thanks for the advice bro

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  3. sere
    October 18, 2009

    The starting area’s are not snow, but in small towns. Whatever idiot says it starts off in some snow waste land maybe did not check their graphics card.

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  4. cryofreeze666
    November 11, 2009

    well aeria has done alot of fixing, though i never had the grainyness problems of the publisher, the problems i noted are mostly “fixed”

    game sages have been replaced mostly that i’ve noticed

    the random terrain traps are still there, but most of the time you can jump out of them now. no more having to rebuy ap items that disappear after first death.

    the gaming community and the forum community seem to be 2 different entities, those people that i’ve noticed placing character names in their signatures dont tend to be as obnoxious in game now they seem to be actual decent folk, though they still suck in forums.

    newer game sages get paid in ap so they generally give away ap items in some mundane events like hide and seek, was helping on gs come up with ideas for better full community events. by that i mean a real time event available to those in game at the time. that is less lame than hide and seek and trivia.

    i just started playing again after a friend of mine became a gs so i’m trying to help him out and just recently noticed these changes in the game.

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  5. haha
    January 23, 2010

    @sere:so true….

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  6. Crittic
    January 30, 2010

    Shaiya is a supposive “the adult themed game”? Unlikely, just for the record. The real thing adult about it is that some NPC’c are topless, thats it. I just wanted to clear that up with people wanting to know.

    Shaiya is a major grind fest that starts around 20+ level. You start at level 1 pick a race of light or dark characters. I think level caps is still 60. All characters are cookie cutter chracters of each Dark and Light race. Character customazation is very limited unless you spend real money at there item mall to change appearence of characters hair color or sex.

    All the armor pieces you collect are all the same templates as the next. You get 1 different piece of armor like every other level. I think one of the last pieces of armor is 3 more levels until your character is able to wear it. Once you get all armor pieces that match in color and style, then every player looks like the next, with the exception of different hair styles and or weapons.

    Weapons are also leveled approved, meaning, if you see another player with a certain weapon and armor you already know what ballpark level the player is. Again cookie cutter weapons. Meaning at any giveing time ingame every player can almost all look alike.

    Shaiya is a good time sink game, not great. Well atleast up to level 20 it is. Any level after that, Shaiya turns into a Migrane headache, with all the level grinding. an example of grinding is: Each questgiver supplies new quests when you reach a certain level with a whole load of XP needed to advance to the next level. Just after dinging…say…20 level you may find 3 more quest givers that supply you with new quests and thats it..Collect “X” amount and turn into the particular questgiver. You know the typical “Free MMO game, no big deal, right?

    Wrong, after you complete these three quests, you take a glance at your XP bar, and notice that it barely filled up the huge amount experience points (XP) needed to advance to level 21, and not another “Quest giver” in sight to fill the XP bar up. And ontop of that the creatures that you need to kill for these quest givers to collect the “X” amount of things for them to complete the quest, usually out number you by 3 levels, and kick your ass most of the time. When you eventully kill these creatures for their “X” item to drop for the questgiver, you barely put a dent in your XP at all from killing these outleveled NPC creatures.

    Let the grinding commence. Here you sit with a almost emptied XP bar from doing these three quest, and not another quest insight. and you still need to reach 21 level to unlock 3 or 4 more quests and a whole lot more of XP points for level 22. This is the Cyle of a grind fest, and it gets worse and worse each level.

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  7. elli
    April 7, 2010

    pfft if you know anythin about the game, which apparently you do not, the seasons change every 4 months, so it isnt my or aeria or anyones fault if you started playibng while it was winter and getting pissy at it, and as for 12 sky, if you dont like snow, then dont choose the fujin. most games can be confusing at first and u obviously dont seem to give them a very good chance either.

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  8. emmpwn z
    May 24, 2010


    dont say any bs !

    its worth to play !

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  9. dalibor
    December 4, 2011

    hm, played shaiya for long time, at first wasnt obssesed with grinding , just enjoyed doing quests, but in time , quest gives u less and less xp, so then u turn grinding, which can make u frustrated, cause u need kill higher lvl mobs for some benefit, other thing, i left shaiya cause it was in start f2p, well in a way still is, for some things when u reach higher lvl u need better gear otherwise u end up dead, thats the thing, in last year or so market prices went high, thats why its more ptp the f2p, cause either pay or waste time farming, thats when u loose all the enjoyment of the game it self, but for anything else its awesome, pvp, pve, skill system is best i ever seen,. easy and simple to use, pure joy, anyway it was my first online game i played….and i loved it, though, sometimes i miss it…

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