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Voyage Century

Description: Voyage Century allows players to experience the excitement of hundreds of warships meeting in combat. The verisimilar and perfect ocean waves represent the grand scenes of sea battle and bring players extraordinary experiences. The combat patterns are various. Players can choose any one, the grand far-forth cannon firing or the exciting grappling. The battles between countries, guilds and parties will break out at any moment.

Voyage Century Review

This is a 15 minute review of Voyage Century Online. Please note that the 15 minutes means the review started from the second of logging in until exactly 15 minutes later. This includes lag and being disconnected.

On to the game! This is the first time I’ve ever played Voyage Century Online but unlike other first impressions I’ve wanted to play this game for a long time and never got a around to it. Starting up the game was quick and easy. When the launcher appearers on the screen it checks for updates and the usual stuff. The log in interface is pretty simple and easy to understand although it seems to be missing important settings like screen resolution and graphics as well as sound and normal system stuff. Most of these can be set in game but it would still be nice if they were included in the launcher.

Once I logged into the game I was greeted with the character creation interface. While this interface is simple and easy to use it lacks a ton of depth and doesn’t provide that many options. After I finished making my character I was brought into the game and noticed two things, the game wasn’t full screen and there was no background music. I never found the setting to make it full screen but I did find out whats up with the sound. It was turned all the way down by default! I found this vary odd, why would they turn off the background music by default? I don’t know, I didn’t find anything wrong with it, the music is vary well done and a pleasure to listen too.

I didn’t find a “tutorial”, the opening quests tried to teach me the ropes but didn’t do a vary good job and it was pretty boring. There is two sides to the combat in this game land and sea. Unfortunately I only got to test the land side of it. Combat was the usual point and click deal but they made it so hard to click the enemy that it can get frustrating fast. Overall I find land combat quite boring, it just lacks that polish and it’s probably because they spent most of there time on the sea portion. Quest are also uninteresting and anyone that has played a MMORPG before wont find anything new or different in the quest department.

The graphics in this game has it’s moments. Sometimes your looking at a great game sometimes your not, it’s really lacking consistence. This is really noticeable when the camera gets moved in. I’ve also noticed that the screen gets cluttered fast which is probably do to the fact I was stuck in windowed mode but it didn’t helps it’s cause with the fact some windows in the game are not movable. I also found the game to be kinda laggy and unresponsive at times, it was never unplayable but it did get kind of annoying.

Overall Voyage Century Online is a pretty good game. Just having tested the land side of things I can’t say I recommend it, it’s a laggy and feels like an unfinished version of a typical MMO. If your not into the sea combat stuff this game isn’t anything special.

First Impression Decision: Might play more


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  1. Christian
    July 11, 2009

    Accually a very decent game. Graphics are nice and battling with your ship is great fun. To bad that cash items gives you huge advantages (specially at the start of the game), missions are really boring though and there’s very very much afking. You probably end up like my friend with running 4 times the game at once and looking every hour to go to the bank to get your wood and ores out of your backpack.

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