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About Us is a community built for gamers who want to play MMORPGs without having to pay monthly fees. The good news is that free MMORPGs continue to get better and more popular every year. In fact, the graphics of some free-to-play games have...

Top Free MMORPGs
Now that it is 2011, it’s time to update the top ten free MMORPG list. This list is based on the top ten free MMORPGs that you should look into playing now in terms of graphics, gameplay both PvE and PvP, sound, quests, features and community. This...

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NcSoft Announces City of Heroes Freedom, Free-to-Play

City of Heroes Freedom is more than just a new name for City of Heroes, it’s a whole new direction. Launching later this year City of Heroes Freedom will bring with it new content and a new hybrid Free-to-Play model allowing everyone to play for free. As “hybrid model” suggests City of Heroes will retain [...]

LEGO Universe Online to Launch a Free-to-Play Version

Less than one year after it’s launch in 2010, The Lego Group and Warner Bros. Interactive announced today that a Free-to-Play version of the game will be launching this August as a compliment to it’s current Pay-to-Play model. The Free-to-Play version will be more like a demo than a full fledged Free-to-Play revamp as no [...]

Perfect World Co. Announces Blacklight Retribution

It’s been known for a while now that Zombie Inc. has been working on Blacklight Retribution, the squeal to Blacklight: Tango Down made in 2010. It’s also been known that the game will be running on Unreal Engine 3 and will feature a Free-To-Play business model. Two key question remained unanswered, who is the publisher [...]

Solstice: Reborn Brings Back Secret of the Solstice

Back in February, Outspark brought back a new and updated version of Secret of the Solstice which is now named Solstice: Reborn. While it has many aspects of the original Secret of the Solstice, it has been updated and enhanced with many new features. As can be seen from our original page on Secret of [...]

Featured Game: Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online made the move to free to play in 2010 and has vaulted up the charts and taking the number one spot as our top free MMORPG available today. One of the reasons LOTRO is a great MMORPG is that it has history in it. While the graphics aren’t as amazing [...]

New Browser MMORTS called Call of Gods

Aeria Games has published a new browser based MMORTS called Call of Gods. In Call of Gods, players will choose from one of three races: Humans, Elves, and Undead. These races are fighting against each other for supremacy and ownership of the land in Call of Gods. Players will compete against each other or compete [...]

Forsaken World Opened March 9th, Early Release!

Forsaken World is a free MMORPG developed by Perfect World Entertainment who has made multiple great MMO’s including Perfect World. This game features five classes but the most interesting class is the vampire class which was a popular class to play. Because of the length of the closed beta and the huge interest of the [...]

Microvolts enters Open Beta

Today March 10th, Microvolts started their Open Beta. Microvolts is a 3D third person shooter where players will play as toy soldiers that they can customize with their own designs. They will choose from four different prototype toys to create their character. There are seven different types of weapons players will be able to upgrade [...]

Perfect World International Expansion: Genesis

As mentioned in previous blogs, Perfect World International has been working on a new expansion called Genesis, which just went live last week on March 1st. After checking out the game with the new expansion, here is a more in depth guide of the new features available in Perfect World: Genesis. One of the main [...]

Runes of Magic Creating Browser Version

Sometime in Q2 of 2011 Runes of Magic will be able to be played in the browser. This will make it easier to get into one of the best free MMORPGs out in the market with great graphics and gameplay. This is huge if Kalydo can pull it off seamlessly and could represent the future [...]