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About Us is a community built for gamers who want to play MMORPGs without having to pay monthly fees. The good news is that free MMORPGs continue to get better and more popular every year. In fact, the graphics of some free-to-play games have...

Top Free MMORPGs
Now that it is 2011, it’s time to update the top ten free MMORPG list. This list is based on the top ten free MMORPGs that you should look into playing now in terms of graphics, gameplay both PvE and PvP, sound, quests, features and community. This...

Most Recent
Browser MMORPGs and Games has added a new section for free browser games. These games require no download to play since they can be played right in your browser. RuneScape will spearhead this section as the world’s largest Free MMO. Besides RuneScape, another MMO to keep an eye on in this new category is AQ Worlds by Artix [...]


WolfTeam is a free MMOFPS by the maker of such action MMOs as Rakion and Gunbound (softnyx). While WT has a military setting like most FPS games, it throws a monkey wrench into the free MMO shooter genre by allowing players to transform into werewolves. Werewolves can destroy human opponents with their bare hands. However, [...]


Both Free MMOFPS and MMORTS games are not as popular or abundant as their Free MMORPG cousins but offer different areas of gaming for free MMOGers. Both subgenres also have their problems like lag in MMOFPS games and people quiting too soon in MMORTS games. However, the question is which of the two are better. [...]

PvP in Free MMORPGs

PvP has come a long way in pay MMOs with games like Warhammer Online Dark Age of Camelot, and the Lineage games. However, PvP does not seem to be an overwhelming factor in most free MMORPGs. PvE seems to be the undisputed king in the land of MMOs with no fees. Like everything else in [...]

Ragnarok Online Launches Free-To-Play Server

Ragarok Online has launched a new server known as Valkyrie. This server is free-to-play and has different gameplay features when compared to the premium servers such as less experience from monsters, lower monster drop rates, and a larger experience loss from death.

The Ultimate Free MMORPG

Although not perfect, pay MMORPGs finally have a dominant leader in World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is the best example of the ultimate pay MMORPG because it has single-handedly driven growth in the entire MMO industry over the past few years. No other pay MMORPG really comes close. Do free MMORPGs have that type [...]

Another Pay MMO Goes Free

After a change of ownership, change of name, and some downtime, Ryzom has finally joined the ranks of free MMOs. Ryzom (aka Saga of Ryzom) is a scifi/fantasy MMORPG that was powered by subscrtiption fees for years. Ryzom also has its first free expansion known as Ryzom Ring. This expansion introduces a very interesting [...]

Which MMO Genre Needs More Free Games?

Free MMO games are becoming more available than ever before due mainly to the price model where a game has an item mall but does not charge a subscription. However, not all MMO have readily accepted this model. Granted, there are genres like MMORTS and MMOFPS where that model might not work as good but [...]

Do Item Malls Help or Hurt Free MMORPGs?

Instead of charging a subscription fee, most free MMORPGs now offer players a chance to buy items with real cash or to buy in-game cash with real money. This sytem usually works well since these games do need to be financially supported in order to survive, but some players complain about games that offer items [...]

Free Archlord Expansion Pack

ArchLord, the Popular Subscription-Free MMORPG Receives All-New Free Expansion, Episode 3: Spirits Awakening (Warwickshire, UK) – Tuesday, August 19, 2008 – Codemasters Online are pleased to reveal that their highly popular, MMORPG ArchLord has gone live with a new expansion available now free of charge to all new and existing players. Episode 3: Spirits Awakening [...]