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About Us is a community built for gamers who want to play MMORPGs without having to pay monthly fees. The good news is that free MMORPGs continue to get better and more popular every year. In fact, the graphics of some free-to-play games have...

Top Free MMORPGs
Now that it is 2011, it’s time to update the top ten free MMORPG list. This list is based on the top ten free MMORPGs that you should look into playing now in terms of graphics, gameplay both PvE and PvP, sound, quests, features and community. This...

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RF Online

What’s so different about RF Online considering the myriad of MMORPGs in the market today? Well for starters it has guns, and yes the guns are BIG. It has mechanized robots and its theme is based on science fiction. RF’s claim to fame is an intense 3 way inter racial conflict. Set in the planet [...]

Rappelz Online: Grinding the Night Away

Rapplez Online is a high fantasy game created by Korean powerhouse Gala-Net and developed by G-Potato for the US and Europe. It is a Free-to-Play grinder; other offerings from Gala-Net include notable titles like Flyff and Corum. Despite the obvious perks and strengths of the game, Rappelz is not without its flaws. Yes, the characters [...]


Mabinogi is a free MMORPG developed by DevCat and released by Nexon, a Korean game developer and publisher of online games. Characters are created using Character cards, basic and premium. Basic card is free and Premium allows to customize the face. There are three races: Human, Elf and Giant. After choosing a race, you can [...]

Perfect World Mysteries of the Dusk

Several days after the Jade Emperor’s possession by the cursed armor, the Divinities of Perfect World wanted to create a spell that will seal the Dusk Temple forever. However, the Dusk Temple also possesses wonderful treasures that will aid the Path Seekers in their battles against the soulless. So the Divinities have decided to contain [...]

Special Force: Adrenaline Shot

Special Force Online’s persistent character creation or PC let’s you create your own special force soldier choosing from the different real life special forces around the world as the French CIGN, Russian SPETSNAZ, US Delta Force and much more. Once you’ve chosen your soldier, buy primary, secondary and thrown weapons as well as an array [...]

RAN Online

Long since the catastrophic crash of a meteor in the continent of Asia, mysterious events have been happening all over the place. The Sacred Financial Group, an organization that has conducted numerous studies and operations in the world of RAN, begins to feel the results of its unusual and most of the time inhuman experiments [...]

Cabal Online : Episode V: The Mercenaries

Cabal Online will have a new update which is called the ‘Winter Update’ which is packed with changes that will surely give you more energy to play Cabal Online. Mercenary System A character is able to summon a Mercenary on dungeons. It only supports single players. Mercenary cards can be registered for summoning, they are [...]

Dragonica Online

Eons after the Dragon War, humans and dragons lived peacefully in separate worlds. Unfortunately it was short-lived as Elga, a powerful and dark dragon, renewed the war, led an army and invaded the human world. Unfortunately for Elga, five human heroes managed to defeat his army, imprisoning the dragon in the process. Peace reigned throughout [...]

Weapons of War: A call to Arms

Since the game is mostly focused on the characters weapons, what you wield against your enemies determines your strength and capacity in the game. There are several methods in which you can make your character stronger thru weapon upgrades. One of the many methods is the Soul Infusion. This method uses two special types of [...]

Crossfire: Target on Sight

Crossfire follows the feud between two mercenary forces, the Black List and the Global List. Similar to the very popular Counterstrike, Black List follows the terrorist while Global Risk follows the counter-terrorist group. Blacklist is a terrorist group hell bent on spawning chaos to generate profits. Despite its vast influence on the modern world, this [...]