What do you do When You’ve Maxed out Your Game?

MMORPGs are only as good as its possibilities. If you have already mastered all the maps in the game and have a good idea on how to get through all the dungeons and bosses in the game then why not consider building a new character and starting the game from scratch.

Great character builds are the secret in being famous in the game. How many times have you started a game over even after reaching level 20 just because somewhere along the road you failed to put that extra skill point in your character? Whether you’re playing a pay for play server or enjoying the benefits of playing free MMORPGs, there is only one thing that you can never get free, and that’s the amount of time you spend on a game.

Popular multiplayer games involve pitting players against players. Finishing quests could be an entertaining way of spending our time but nothing beats bashing a player in a quick PvP and the bragging rights that come with it.

You’ve pawned your nth monster and killed the final high level boss in the game. You make mockery of the games artificial intelligence and scoff at how the developers could have made the game a bit more challenging. When your character has seemed to reach its peak in terms of build and items then you should start carving a name for yourself.

MMORPGs are an offshoot of two different type of gaming, Role Playing Games (Final Fantasy Series) and multiplayer games (starcraft, counterstrike). These types of games have surpassed other types of games in terms of popularity because players are able to pit their wits against other living and breathing creatures instead of mindless bosses and mobs powered by mathematical equations.

Why not go the extra mile and make a name for yourself by giving guides to other players. How about posting and sharing strategies with other players? Every game has its own community and the forums could be a great way of exchanging some thoughts on how to improve the game. You could also write guides and walkthroughs to help other players.



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